Paleo Challenge Eve

‘Twas the night before…wait, that’s not right!  It’s actually the night before the opposite of Christmas; it’s the night before no sugar, no pasta, no cheese and the list continues. Tomorrow is the first day of the 60 Day Paleo Challenge that I am participating in, and although I won’t be eating some of my favorite foods (is it possible for someone with the last name of Castelli to NOT eat pasta?)I am very excited.

I’ll take more time to explain what the Paleo Diet is all about (I’m no expert, but continuously learning) in another post. I’m sure those of you who know me well will be surprised that I am trying this since it involves eating meat (a lot of meat). For the last 10 months my wife and I have been eating a vegetarian diet after doing some reading and watching documentaries (don’t judge me!). With so much conflicting information out there I’ve decided to personally try different ways of eating to determine what is going to be the best diet for me.

My goals for the Paleo Challenge are to lose a little weight, lower my body fat percentage, improve my performance during my CrossFit workouts and look better without my shirt on…hey spring will be here before you know it!

In preparation for the challenge we had a Paleo dinner tonight, but since it’s the last night for consuming sugar I made a trip to Dairy Queen (we don’t go often) for an Oreo Blizzard. One last treat!!


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