Paleo Challenge – Day 7 Journal (1/20/13)

Much to my surprise I feel great following yesterday’s MoFo challenge…3 WOD’s (workout of the day for those non-CrosFitters) in 3 hours. I thought that I would be dragging, but I feel good. Today was not the best day of eating for me…a lazy Sunday and I just wasn’t that hungry. As you’ll see below I didn’t get a morning snack in and my meals probably were not as substantial as they should have been. It also probably didn’t help that a trip to the grocery store is needed, which means the fresh produce is down to a minimum. I’ll get back on track tomorrow…

Today’s summary:

Workout: Rest Day


Breakfast: Almond flour cinnamon pancakes, banana, fish oil and multivitamin

Lunch: Leftover fajita chicken, peppers and raspberries

Snack: 2 handfuls trail mix

Dinner: Homemade Paleo buffalo wings, sweet potato and fish oil



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