Paleo Challenge???

It would have made the most sense to have started my blog with this post, but I guess better late than never! I’ve been documenting my daily workouts and meals, which hopefully hasn’t been too boring for you, because of the Paleo Challenge that my CrossFit box (that’s what a gym is referred to in CrossFit) is holding. For a $20 buy in we all get to change the way we eat and challenge ourselves to live a cleaner lifestyle.

How is the winner determined?  Great question. The Saturday before the challenge started we had out official weigh in. Our weight, body fat, and BMI were measured and pictures were taken. It’s funny, I never seem to look as good in pictures as I do in the mirror at home. Somehow my six-pack fades and I don’t look as buff as my mind tells me I am. Hopefully at the end of this the abs won’t disappear in the picture. The final measurement for improvement over the 60 days was to see how many wall balls we could do in 5 minutes. For those of you not familiar with CrossFit, wall balls consist of holding a 20 pound medicine ball, squatting below parallel, standing up and tossing the ball about a 10 foot mark on the mall…repeat as many times as you can in 5 minutes. 103 was the magic number for me. At the end of the 60 days we will be measured again and will have to complete the 5 minutes of medicine ball hell again, hopefully improving in all areas.

The winner will be determined by scoring the best in all of the categories. Each area is weighted equally: 20%-percentage weight loss, 20%-percentage body fat loss, 20% strength training (3-5 days a week) and journal, 20% wall ball improvement, 20% mini metcon.

My goal for entering this competition was to challenge myself to try a new way of eating (I’ll have another post about my experience as a vegetarian), lower my body fat, and improve in my workouts. I’m not too concerned with the weight loss; I’d actually like to end at around the same weight but lose some pounds and add back muscle. We’ll see how it all goes!


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