Paleo Challenge – Day 12 Journal (1/25/13)

I guess deviating from the Paleo Diet is a slippery slope. Last night I cheated (although a small cheat) and had a few Peanut M&M’s with my son at Disney at Ice. Tonight was a much bigger cheat and I’m actually kind of pissed at myself. Let me set the stage…

My parents had just left because my dad helped me move the treadmill we just bought downstairs and put most of it together. I was gathering all of the ingredients to begin making a Paleo pizza crust recipe that I was excited to try. I actually was going to make a regular crust for my wife and son and make the Paleo crust for myself. Before I got a chance to start pouring the ingredients my wife got a text that her brother was in town from college and wanted to see his nephews. So, the homemade pizza was scratched and we headed to the southside of town to visit with him and my in-laws. My Paleo pizza was replaced by Papa Johns.

I’ve come to realize that one of the hardest parts of eating a clean, healthy, Paleo diet is eating away from home with others that don’t eat the same way. Take tonight for instance, I could either not eat dinner, which would not be healthy, or eat the Papa John’s pizza that was ordered and deviate from my diet. I chose to eat the “bad” pizza.  I felt that was the lesser of the two evils…I’m sure it will cost me some points on my Pale Challenge.

The only positive I see about tonight was that I didn’t choose to eat Papa John’s because I didn’t care about the challenge and diet, but because of the circumstance. And interestingly enough I didn’t enjoy the pizza like I used to…not sure if it’s because my tastes and body have changed, or because I felt guilty. Nonetheless, I don’t plan on anymore posts like today for a long time!!

Today’s summary:

Workout (6 AM): WorkoutStrength workout- 5 sets 3 jerks and WOD (visit for the workout details)


Pre-workout snack: 1 scrambled egg, 1 tbslp. almond butter and pre-workout drink (not protein)

Post-workout: Protein shake (mixed with coconut water) and 32 oz. of water

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with red peppers and spinach, 1/2 can coconut water, blueberries and raspberries, multivitamin, fish oil and more water

Snack: 2 oz. Jerky

Lunch: 4 oz. Turkey, banana, handful almonds

Dinner: 3 pieces Papa John’s pepperoni pizza, water


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