Why this all started…

This has been a post that I’ve wanted to do for a while, but for numerous reasons I haven’t had a chance to get it done…until today. I wanted to share with you why I am doing this Paleo Challenge and how I got to it.

About a year ago my wife and I began paying more attention of the foods we were buying, their ingredients and how they affected us. At first our research wasn’t too in depth…it was more going off different things we heard in the news or on TV shows. Those are the best sources to learn about anything, right?? After talking with some friends who were vegan I decided to take my research to the next level. I watched a few documentaries (I know documentaries are usually skewed, but they still provide good information and new ways of thinking) and read a few books. I plan to have future posts about the books that I read, my thoughts and links to amazon for you to purchase should you like. After doing all of my “research” we decided that we were going to eliminate meat from our diet and try a vegan diet.

Our veganism (if that’s even a word) lasted less than a week. I applaud those that live a vegan lifestyle because we found it nearly impossible to find enough food and meals that didn’t violate the vegan way. Some dairy was reintroduced into our lives and we became vegetarians, and this lasted for me until I started this Paleo Challenge.

My CrossFit box (CrossFit Fishers) issued the Paleo challenge to everyone and a handful of us decided to take it. The Paleo Diet reintroduced meat and eggs to my diet which was honestly a little difficult to do. Not because they no longer taste good to me, but because I stopped eating them for specific reasons, and my research into the Paleo Diet suggest that those reasons were not correct (the frustration of conflicting information is yet another post to come). I decided to give it a try; I figured with my new workout routine I could probably use a change in diet. I’m excited to rid my diet of processed foods and sugars, which I still consumed on my vegetarian diet. I will miss pasta (after all my last name is Castelli) andpizza during the challenge, but it will be worth it (I’ll probably sneak those from time to time as a treat after the 60 days). I plan to pay attention to what my body tells me and continue to read up on how food affects the body and eventually come up with a diet that I can enjoy and feel comfortable will help me stay as healthy as possible, which leads me to why this all started…

The whole reason for me worrying about the food I put in my body is because I want to give myself the best possible chance at living a long healthy life of growing old with Ang and watching our boys grow up. And THAT is why I started this…JS_1377600_0035


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